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RLM Business Centre – Cold Lake Office Spaces for Businesses

Your business isn’t complete without its own office. For professionals living and working in Cold Lake, RLM Financial Limited has offices available to rent in a commercial building. Our RLM Business Centre facility has 17 offices, a small shared kitchen, a public waiting area, two bathrooms, and a receptionist to greet your clients. We offer rentals at two price points:

  • $350 including utilities and receptionist (no call answering)

  • $500 including unities and full receptionist services (including call answering)

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Courteous Landlord

When renting a home or office, we’ll give you privacy and prompt maintenance

Advantages of Renting an Office

The Business Centre has a cleaning service, giving it a tidy and productive atmosphere. Having your own office means that you won’t have to work from home, and this has many advantages:

  • Be more productive without household distractions

  • Have a place to organize all of your supplies and documents

  • Network with other professionals

  • Meet with clients at your office rather than at a coffee shop

  • Project a professional image to legitimize your business


Businesses That Can Benefit from an Office Space

Many businesses and entrepreneurs could benefit from having their very own office space, including:

  • Accountants

  • Layers

  • Writers and journalists

  • Architects

  • Graphic designers

  • Web developers

  • Stock traders

  • Landscapers

  • Tech start-ups

  • Tutors

  • Artists

Make your business look more professional in your clients’ eyes. The next step in expanding your Cold Lake business is renting an office. Contact RLM Business Centre to get started.

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